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After the mechanical team worked till late last night the pilots and all others team members woke up early and moved to reach the starting line after a 400 km transfer.


Both Discanto were at the start again with two different configurations. Oscar Polli (finally back in track) and Sylvain Espinasse started with a four minute gap one after the other. The Strategy requested to the two pilot was easy, do not care about other competitor and about saving batteries to reach the end of the stage but enjoy the ride just as there were no limits.


And here we saw the two Discanto duelling in the desert. Oscar reached Sylvain and passed him to be reached again by Sylvain. Running sometimes together and sometimes on different path they enjoied the new configuration that gave us a lot of very important data.


There was a moment where 6 bikes were running in a convoy like they were dancing in a coreography, and this is the best part of this Mission 1000 dakar 2024 because we are everybody experimenting and so we care more about our own result and we also start to enjoy the improvement that every team is making. We now have the feeling all together that we are creating a new era of the motosport, and every team can’t wait to be here again next year. 


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