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​The technical and aesthetic characteristics of the products may be changed without notice from Tacita srl. Images may not reflect the characteristics of the newer models. Tacita srl reserves the right to make improvements and / or changes to the project without any obligation to release.


Wheel base: 1490 mm

Chassis: single-shell frame split in chrome-molybdenum

Ground clearance: 330 mm

Front suspension: upside-down telescopic hydraulic fork with advanced axle 43 mm diameter; 300 mm travel

Rear suspension: pregressive link with fully adjustable suspension unit; 280 mm travel

Front wheel: 1.60 x 21′′ – tyre 80/100-21

Front brake: 300 mm disc with Brembo technology

Rear wheel: 2.15 x 19′′ tyre 100/90-19

Rear brake: 220 mm disc with Brembo technology


The T-Race Cross is the lightest of the Tacita, it’s designed to obtain the best on the cross tracks.
The new Gen.2 Tacita® engine, with five gears and updated chassis will assure more fun than ever.
The T-Race C is a full full specs cross machine: powerful, light, aggressive and sharp. If you are looking for a bike that allows you to race on a cross track without breaking any annoying noise limit, this is the bike for you.
The optional second fast-swap battery pack set will allow you to ride as long as you can

Our technology, chassis and ergonomics are the result of the driving experience gained by Tacita® factory riders on the most difficult tracks: it makes the T-Cross extraordinary.
Powerful, silent and at the same time intuitive and very balanced in all conditions of use.

The slender superstructures facilitate movement in the saddle ensuring an excellent feeling with the motorcycle.

The new engine has a better response to intermediate and high revs to deliver the highest riding pleasure and it offers an even more exciting sound for the rider.
The 5-speed transmission with the renewed ratio of the first gear allows you to have always the best traction in every terrain.



50 kW motor with the 5 kWh battery pack


All the prices are ex works Torino (VAT, transport and local taxes excluded)

Layer 11.png

Electric motor: Tacita Generazione 2 PMAC

Mappings: two maps of power

Transmission: 5 speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch

Cooling system: liquid type, with circuits for electric motor and controller

Traction battery: LI-PO Lythium Polymer battery 5 kWh

Battery life: over 2000 cycles to 80% initial capacity.

Max power: 50 kW – 100 N m

Max rpm: 6500

Emission class: Euro 5

Regenerative braking: 2 maps of engine brake. No engine brake (2-stroke engine style) and regenerative braking (4-stroke engine style)

Range: 10 min + 2 laps racing

Reserve Power: Automatically activated at 10% of remaining charge, reducing performance to reach the nearest charging point

Charger: Off-board for racing use, standard 10A or 16A monophase. Available two of them in parallel or 9 kW threephase 48A

Charging time monophase: 30 min with two chargers in parallel 32A and 60 min with the 16A from “reserve power” level to 80% at 220 V .

Charging time threephase: 20 min 48A from “reserve power” level to 80% at 220 V .

Layer 11_edited.png


Two maps of motor power


PMAC electric motor


5 speed separate gearbox with hydraulic clutch


Two maps of motor brake


Aluminium rear monocoque
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