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Tacita started in 2011 thanks to the founder Pierpaolo and the cofounder, his wife, Dina.

In 11 years Tacita developed what is the most advanced electric motorcycle on the market. Four elements are the pillar of every motorcycle designed and produced and they are unique.

 The gear, 120 V power-train, Liquid cooled power train, the BMS.

The company is based in Poirino close to Torino, the famous Italian city in Piemonte, land of the automotive business.

All its passion comes  from years in competing on the most difficult tracks including what is known as the most challanging race, The Dakar. Pierpaolo himself is a Pilot who experienced riding since he was very young and who decided to join the electric philosophy to the riding passion and pleasure that everyone, from the most aficionados to the beginners are looking in a motorcycle.


Pierpaolo Rigo: CHAIRMAN

Luca Oddo: CEO

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