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We arrived in Arabia the 31st December 2023 and 22 days after we are everybody back home. An amazing adventure with a fantastic team that never surrendered in front of all the difficulties we faced. It has been tiring, high demanding, with no sleep and cold nights working on the bikes. It has been emotional, with many different feelings, from the enthusiasm to the disappointment when a software decided to give us really hard time.

We passed through many different status including the sadness for the death of Carles, the Spanish biker, to the fear and relief after the accident of Gomez piloting one of the electric bike in the Mission 1000 and the tears of his mechanic Elias.

More than 8.000 KM stage after stage, from west to east Arabia in the Empty Quarter and back again.

Every night in every Bivouac in the silence of the desert there was a concert of mechanical tools, roaring engines, truck passing without pauses and even the earplugs were useless when trying to sleep. Red eyes in the morning matching the red of the sun rising was the constant show of everyday. However, the adrenaline was flowing in abundance and just a little chance for a 15 minutes nap was enough to restart the body and rush again. Sand and dust on everything to the point that even covering the face was not enough in trying take a decent breath. And now, even if it could sound crazy, we are everybody missing that unique feeling and emotion that only the Dakar can give. In the last days we found ourselves already designing and brainstorming about the Dakar 2025, digesting all the data we collected in 12 stages and shooting ideas to improve and get ready for the next adventure because dancing with the future is our mission.

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