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Wake up call at 5am, loading the bikes on the truck and leaving the camp to go to the starting line of the Prologue. 28 km where to test the difficulties we will face from the first official "Stage 1" that will come tomorrow.

We decided to run this test with the most hazardous and aggressive configuration to put the bikes immediately under the biggest stress possible since the beginning in a stage with no ranking.

After 15 KM we were ahead of everybody but at that point the race has been stopped for “safety reasons” because the mission 1000 participants were overlapping with the Modern Dakar.

That was the moment when we had a small overheating issue forcing one of the two Discanto to stop and limiting the performance of the second one. The competition started again for the last part, and we closed the stage.

We are now working on improving the configuration taking in account what we think the next leg could be tomorrow.

 Good to know is also the fact that the two Discanto will start on every stage first and we will be mostly on a dedicated course but with the same arrival as modern and classic Dakar.

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