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We woke up and a horrible surprise has been thrown on our face, due a technical failure one of the two Discanto didn’t charge overnight. So, we had to go to the starting line only with Sylvain Espinasse.

At this point we took the chance to elaborate a new software to be installed on Oscar Polli’s bike and now, after 10 hours transfer from the old camp to the new one, we are set and ready to work on the installation.

Today’s Sylvain ride was very smooth and clear. All parameters where in the expected range and he drived smoothly from the start to the finish line. A perfect performance for the Discanto that matched 100% the team expectation.

Regardless all the difficulties we are facing the mood is really good and the team had time to enjoy some relaxing moment. Considering we are a mixed bunch of man from France and from Italy you cam imagine how the jokes went on and on on both side teasing and comparing cultures as always French and Italians do. Big fun!

Tomorrow we will face a long stage more than 100km where we will test again the two bikes with different configuration to check ideas and improvements.

So we are testing a lot of things to learn and move forward but there is something we already are 100% sure how to use tonight… electric heating ! The cold night in the desert are back and after our travel to south we are now back in north Arabia where temperature are dropping rapidly.

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