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I would like, if I may, to take you through a different journey today. This is the journey that the assistance vehicles and people face every day. While the pilots, one mechanic and the team manager move to the starting line 2 other vehicles plus 6 people split on two different route. The T-Station, our Mobile Charging Unit, leaves the Bivouac to reach the next camp directly. Usually is a 600 km journey at no more than 80km/h due to the weight of the trailer. A good ten hours on board of the pickup with 3 people and usually one driving and two sleeping. The sleeping boys are the engineer and the mechanic who work every night till 4 or 5 in the morning to set the configuration and charge the two Discanto. With some food collected at the camp before to leave and some other "extracted" from the breakfast buffet the journey move forward between petrol stations, coffee and some boiled egg that are left from the breakfast. Between 8 and 11 hours according to the route.

The second vehicle is the pick up with me and the videomaker. Luckily i'm part of this one and we definitively cruise at a different speed. Some times we try to catch up with the pilots between starting and arrival and i have to admit that we have some very nice picture from the speed control cameras. But what is amazing is the chance we have to see some of the most incredible panoramas even if at the speed of an always late vehicle. Eggs and coffee are a must as lunch is not an option. No time to stop, and this is why we are always the first at the dinner entrance thinking already how the get some more eggs the morning after.

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