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DAY 12, 13 and 14. STAGE 10, 11 AND FINAL STAGE 12 !!

I'm sorry we had no chance to update the blog in the last 3 days but i have to tell you we had a hell of a nightmare finishing the last 3 stage and at the same time organise our travel back with all the material.

Anyway stage 10 and 11 do not need particular mention as they have been again 2 stage of test for different configuration to be sure we were finishing what has been planned in this DAKAR. As you all know already the ranking is not important this year as it is a non competitive event and for us was way more important to experiment.

HOWEVER, in stage 12 we decided to give total freedom to our pilot and at the two Discanto and, even being careful to not have issue and finish the last stage, we decided that this stage was the one where to prove our muscle. And what happen is that the 2 Discanto arrived first and second way before all other motorcycles in the race.

Sylvain Espinasse crossed the finish line followed by Oscar Polli in an amazing duo victory.

That was a great moment for the whole team who finally after days and days of hard work in testing and fine tuning the two bikes could finally see the two Discanto running like two wild horses towards the finish line.

So TACITA is now a finisher in the DAKAR 2024. We did the whole race and we have been able to not surrender and take both bikes till the finish line and to the podium.

We want to thank all the people whi supported us in this adventure and we want to already tell you that we started with the preparation of DAKAR 2025 where test are over and where we will go with the aim to win the first mission 1000 real competition. FULL ATTACK !

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