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Updated: Jan 4

After a never ending custom paperwork, 231 calls and two heart attacks we got them. The two Discando bikes has been delivered at Tacita base camp.

Luckly the excitement helped us to not relax and 3 people immediatelly started to mount the bikes.

Lot of work with tools flying from one hand to another, computer connections transfering thousand data and set up.

Tomorrow is the day when the two Discanto will run on the Saudi sand and two pilots can’t stop to walk nervously around the t-Station where the two bikes are getting prepared. They look like new fathers waiting for their babies the day of the birth. Nicolas Chaix, the team manager, looks like a godfather talking to everybody and keeping everything under control.


At the initial brieffing of this evening we have been officially announced to be the first two participants to start the whole Dakar 2024 and the passion is getting higher and higher.

Now the sun is gone and the moon is taking his place while the light in the Tacita Camp are all lit to continue the work and while the temperature is dropping to few degrees 18 eyes are checking the two bikes getting close to the final shape.


Saudi sand get ready!

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Jan 03

Great to see the two Discanto there. Good luck. I can't wait to see them in action :-) Alain


Jan 03

"As a father pacing the room, awaiting his child to be born!" I felt these words in my core. 🙏 💥

A bientôt mes amis, et ne brise plus de jambe!" Lol

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