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Updated: Jan 2

3 crew members left Jeddah at 8am direction Yanbu Harbor with Pickup 1. Another portion of the crew landed at 6am in Yanbu airport and went to the harbor to collect the Van, the Pickup 2 and the T-Station just arrived on a ship from Barcelona.

In the suburban area of Yanbu finaly the crew got together and set to Alula to the Dakar 2024 base camp for our fist night.


Smooth travel with nice panormas and we were supposed to arrive at 3pm when … BOOM!

On Pickup 1 a tire departed and felt a part completely. Good Start! Half an ahour later with dirty hand and with a tire in a big need of air in the back, Pickup one was in business again.

Arrived in DAKAR 2024 Alula Base Camp at 5.30, went through the registration process and finally starting up our Tacita Camp. Quick dinner and now, after 750 KM and a tire, we are finishing setting up things to get ready for another eventfull day tomorrow.

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2 kommentarer

03 jan.

Grande Oscar Polli, super tifo


02 jan.

Amazing job getting set up boys! Even through the hurdles, it's always smooth sailing!

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