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Updated: Jan 9

As said in the previous post only one Discanto was at the starting line with Sylvain Espinasse. The second bike with Oscar Polli has beed stopped for repairs.

This takes the team to decide for a new test. We went with a new configuration which we knew was not taking us to the finish line but at least to the three quarter of this leg.

Why to decide to non cross the finish line? Two main reasons, the first one is because the Mission 100 is an open-air lab and a challenge where the ranking is not considered being important. The second is that allowed us to have final data to close two main configurations. And this is exactly what happen. Sylvain Discanto performed beautifully and perfect and reached the three quarter of the total leg where the pit stop was allowed to exit from this Stage being still considered a finisher.

But when Sylvain was at 2.5 kilometres away from the finish line of the pit stop the battery where exhausted due to the test we did. Our assistance vehicle reached him, but it is now when the great spirit of Sylvain came out again. He refused the assistance and he decided to push his bike on the sand till the finish line to be appointed as finisher. We where everybody there to give him a warm applause and some cold water too.

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