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Everybody aligned to start stage 6, the toughest stage so far, only soft sand, dunes and no hard terrain. But the desert is not an easy task and what happened is the demonstration that the Dakar can be really high demanding.

One after the other all participantS crossed the starting line but only a truck was able to cross the finish line !

All 6 bikes had different failure from braking the engine to overheating. In specific the two Discanto had an overheating for Sylvain and a controller failure for Oscar.

This is the evidence that this first Mission 1000 race is a real open air lab. We are everybody testing the limits and literally pioneering in this new category. New technologies are never easy and this is the best part of this challenge. We are not only in the toughest environment possible but also pushing the boundaries and lifting the bar in a new field. This is why we are so excited to continue this adventure and we are really looking forward for the next stages. Today we had also a 850 kilometres transfer to Riyadh done in one shot. The camp is set, everybody went to sleep and getting rested for what should be a 2 days rest that will become for sure 2 days of hard work to get the two Discanto back in shape. Next stage will start from here the 14th January.


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