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With only 8 days to the start the team is getting ready and warmig up. From the 1st January 2024 Tacita and the 9 team’s members will be on site for the final preparation before the start.

With so much to do like final steps for the registration, camp set up, technical check, bike and equipment test, the days before the start will be very busy.

We will be filming the whole experience creating content for our blog and our socials giving the chance to everybody to be close to our team and support us in the challenge.

There will be a portion of the challenge where every team will get point according to a vote that can be given online on the Dakar website. Stay tuned and participate to it so to give us an even better position in the final ranking.

We are now packing and with all our gears we pack all our strength and power to compete at our best!

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