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The French in 2016 at the finish line with a 125, the Italian is among the most experienced in the international field


A few days ago, we unveiled the model of the two electric motorcycles that will cross the desert: it is the  Tacita Discanto, and represents the prelude to the final version that will be put on the market in 2025. Two very experienced riders will ride the prototypes: the French Sylvain Espinasse and the Italian Oscar Polli. Espinasse is the man of great challenges.

On his CV he boasts 3 participations in the Dakar: memorable that of 2016, when with a 125cc 2-stroke, he drove for thousands of kilometers and reached the finish line under the gaze  of Nicolas Chaix, today team manager of Tacita Formula Corsa but also creator and director of the only French cycling rally team (Sherco) from 2005 to 2016,  with 8 participations in the DAKAR, two of which were winners. Espinasse is a sort of marathon runner who knows how to dose his energy, an aspect of extreme importance in the Dakar but even more so in the Mission 1000 category.


"I've done three completely different Dakars, I like challenges," said Espinasse. "The electric motorcycle is a great technological advance, congratulations to Tacita for the great work and we hope to write a beautiful page of history together. It is a technological challenge in terms of autonomy and management, but now electric vehicles are becoming more and more reliable, so much so that its diffusion is increasing more and more".


Oscar Polli, on the other hand, is one of the most experienced on the international scene, as well as a federal technician and founder of Freeracing, his motocross and enduro school, which is also well known beyond national borders. A useful forge to train the younger guys and to perfect the most experienced pilots. In 2008 Polli was crowned World Rally Raid Champion and then won the Dakar Africa Eco Race in 2012 and was awarded  the Gold Medal for Italian Athletic Valour.


"I accepted this challenge because I consider it innovative" - comments the driver Oscar Polli - "Bringing an electric car to the middle of the dunes is very important, also for our new future that sends us more and more in a sustainable direction. The Tacita model is unique because it is an electric with gears, so everything becomes very compelling. I'm sure it will be an enriching experience for me as a rider and as a coach."


The Tacita Discanto, like all our models, differs from any electric motorcycle for other very important factors. Among the main ones: the five-speed mechanical gearbox, the liquid cooling for the engine and controller, and finally the battery management system (BMS). TACITA FORMULA CORSA is back at the Dakar: it made its debut in 2020, with the first electric motorcycle at the world's most famous rally.


In addition to Pierpaolo Rigo and Luca Oddo, respectively President and CEO of Tacita, the Team includes  Luca Calafati, Luca Sardo, Sylvain Espinasse, Oscar Polli, Nicolas Chiax, Franck Boulisset and Nico Marchesi.

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